Big Mistakes Event Planners Make In Hiring A Sales Entertainer…And How To Avoid Them!

Many entertainers and entertainment agencies do NOT want you to know this information. If you are truly interested in making your event a success, then I urge you to read this entire report. It contains vital information that you need to know before you hire a sales entertainer.

It’s shocking but true. Every day, businesses hire entertainers that they should not be hiring. Entertainers often do not tell the truth about their qualifications and entertainment agencies often promote the services of under qualified
entertainers. The result is a sub-par performance that turns your important event into an embarrassment and puts your reputation on the line.

Organizing a corporate event is a difficult and stressful job. There are so many details that must be attended to, but here is the undeniable truth:  The Overall Success Of Your Event Hinges On Hiring The Right Entertainer

Think about it for a moment. When was the last time you attended an event and remembered the food you had for dinner? Did the centerpieces on the table make the event a memorable success? Do you remember the DJ and the songs he or she played? On the other hand, if your event had great entertainment, isn’t that something you and your guests remember for years to come?

It’s even more important when it comes to hiring a Sales Entertainer. Hire the wrong person and your event could flop. Hire someone that offends the members of the audience and it’s your reputation on the line. Overpay for an entertainer who delivers a sub-par performance and all eyes will be on you.

This report will give you the inside scoop on what some entertainers and entertainment agencies don’t want you to know. You will be armed with the knowledge that you need so you won’t be “taken” by these people.

I’m about to reveal the Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make In Hiring A Sales Entertainer…And How To Avoid Them!

First let me answer a few questions that you may have on your mind:

Who Are You And Why Are You Revealing This Information?
My name is MagicAL Jensen and I’m a professional Las Vegas area magician and sales "infotainer". For years I have helped companies like yours make their events amazingly entertaining, successful, and fun!  I have represented dozens of companies at trade shows, sales meetings, and other special events. Some of my happy clients include:

  • LG Corporation
  • First National Bank
  • Hampton Inns and Suites
  • Proudly We Hail, Inc.
  • Veterans Care Services of America
  • Senior Care Services of America
  • Procuri, Inc.
  • Home Instead Senior Care
  • Acuity Solutions
  • Molasky Pacific
  • ABC Home Health
  • Decision Health Publications
  • And more!

There are two reasons why I am revealing this information to corporate event planners:

Reason #1: If you hire a sub-par performer, this closes the opportunities for not only myself but also other competent professionals. The chances of you hiring similar types of entertainment in the future would be very slim.

Reason #2: I hate to see bad performers rip people off and make event planners look bad. It puts a black eye on my profession.

Now that you know who I am and why I’m doing this, let’s talk about the Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make In Hiring A Sales Entertainer…And How To Avoid Them!”

Big Mistake #1
Assuming An Entertainment Agency Is The Best Way To Go
Many event planners feel that they are better off hiring performers from an agency instead of hiring performers directly. Sure there are good and reputable agencies. The trick is in avoiding the bad ones.

Agencies represent several entertainers, in a variety of price ranges. Their primary concern is booking the highest priced performer so they will receive the best commission possible. If you tell them that you have a $10,000 budget, you don’t suppose they’re going to book an entertainer in the $2,000 price range, do you?

Here is a dirty little secret that agencies don’t want you to know.
Many agencies mark up their talent by 100% to 300% or more! That’s right!  If a performer normally charges $500 for a show, an agency may charge you anywhere from $1000 to $2000 for the same performer. Are you getting a $2000 performer? No! You’re getting a $500 performer, but paying several times as much.

The agency practice of charging double (or even more) of what you would have paid if you hired the performer on your own is quite common. There are some very reputable companies that really care about their clients that do not do this. Instead they require that their talent discount their fees to them so that they can charge their clients the same amount they would have paid if they hired the performer directly. Other agencies might charge a nominal service fee (up to 20%) on top of the talent’s fee. If you’re going to deal with an agency, these are the types of organizations you want to deal with.

There are some agencies that will sell you an entertainer that normally specializes in children’s shows to represent you at a trade show or a sales meeting. Again, their only concern is to sell you on somebody that they have in their talent roster, not in meeting your needs.

Bottom Line: Remember that an agency’s first concern is the amount of money they can make. Your needs come a distant second. Take charge and be in control!

Big Mistake #2
Basing Your Decision On Price
Price is certainly a factor when hiring a sales entertainer, but it certainly shouldn’t be the most important factor. Prices for entertainers range from relatively inexpensive to incredibly expensive. Is the highest priced performer always the best? Probably not. In fact, in a marketing course designed for corporate entertainers, the author tells his readers to dramatically raise their fees because a lot of event planners equate the value of a performer by how much they charge. He says that it’s all “perception”. Well, it certainly won’t be “perception” if you hire someone who charges thousands of dollars for a show that is in reality only worth a few hundred dollars and they “Bomb!”

On the other hand, hiring the least expensive entertainer is not always the best way to go either. Magicians, sales entertainers, and other types of performers are perceived as a dime-a-dozen commodity by many event planners, and because of this, they try to find the lowest priced performer. The fact is that each performer is unique and like in any other type of profession, there are entertainers that are great, some who are good, others that are mediocre, and some who should never be allowed on a stage! You need to base your decision on the performer who will best fulfill your needs and help you achieve your desired outcomes.

One way to determine if an entertainer is going to meet your needs is by paying close attention to the entertainer early in the search process. Does he/she ask you what your show objectives and infotainment desires are? Or, do they just tell you how great their show is without determining your wants and/or needs?

Bottom Line: Determine your budget, check out a number of performers in that budget range, and choose the best performer you feel most comfortable with regardless of price. If your budget is so small that you can’t find an excellent performer, don’t hire anyone. It is far better to have no entertainer than it is to hire someone that is sub-par for your needs. Save your money and wait until you can afford an outstanding performer.

Big Mistake #3
Believing Testimonial Claims
Testimonials are of significant importance when hiring any entertainer. In fact, they are of paramount importance. If a performer does not have several great testimonials, it means one of two things:

Fist, the performer is inexperienced and hasn’t worked long enough to get testimonials.

Second, the performer isn’t very good and can’t get any testimonials from his customers.

In either case, most likely this is a performer you probably don’t want to hire.

Testimonials are critical. What people say about a performer is substantially more important than what a performer says about him or herself. Discovering the truth is easy; phone or e-mail the individuals who have provided the testimonials to verify their validity and comments. If the entertainer can’t produce at least a handful of personal contacts who have provided testimonials, then you should be wary.

Bottom Line: Put a lot of weight on performers testimonials when making your decision. Make sure you are dealing with someone who is honest and ethical.

Big Mistake #4
Make Sure The Performer Meets Your Corporate Image Requirements (Is Squeaky Clean)
This is so very important in today’s day and age where people are offended
by the smallest thing. It is vital that you make sure the performer’s material and language is absolutely clean otherwise you may be causing more problems than you are creating good-will with your prospective and current clients.
I recently heard from an event planner who told me she had asked all the entertainers for a particular event to keep their show extremely clean as there were some very conservative people in attendance. One of the entertainers had promised to do a completely clean show, but as the show went on he let a few “off-color” comments slip out. At the end of the show, the CEO of the company was livid because one of his most important clients was offended and walked out during the performance. The event planner was not only embarrassed but also visibly upset because she is the one that got the flack for the performers unprofessional behavior. Needless to say, that performer will was never be hired by that company again.

Bottom Line: You must insist that the performers material and dialogue meet your corporate image and standards. This is especially true if you know you have relatively conservative or diverse groups in your audience.

Big Mistake #5
Not Having A Website
In this modern age where any and all information is available on the internet, I’m still amazed at the amount of professional entertainers that do not have a website. The fastest and easiest way to get pertinent information on any sales entertainer is by visiting their website. If a performer doesn’t have a website, it makes one wonder how seriously they take their business.

A website is a win-win situation for the performer and the client. The performer can avoid speaking with people that are merely curious and may not be qualified to hire him or her, and the client can get all the basic information they need without subjecting themselves to any high-pressure sales tactics.

A good website should have a thorough description of the services offered by the entertainer along with testimonials, client lists, and the various ways to contact them.

Bottom Line: Beware of any entertainer without a website. Make your job easy and get all the information you need online before speaking to the performer. This will give you a better idea of what specific questions to ask to ensure a successful event.

Big Mistake #6
Not Utilizing a Performance Agreement With a Satisfaction Guarantee
In most cases, you can avoid falling prey to a bad entertainer (or
entertainment agency) by insisting that they provide the details of their performance along with a satisfaction guarantee. This is the ultimate test as to whether someone really believes in what they are offering or if they are just full of hot air. If a performer really believes in the quality of their program, they shouldn’t hesitate to guarantee it.

Bottom Line: Get it in writing, including a guarantee. If the performer you’re considering for your event won’t back up their presentation with a guarantee….WATCH OUT!

Well, there you have it. If you’re a seasoned event planner you probably already know most of the secrets revealed in this report. I hope you found a few gems that you can use to ensure that your next event turns out exactly as you desire and you get all of the results you expect.

If you are considering an entertainer for an upcoming trade show or other corporate event, I hope you’d give me an opportunity to speak with you during your consideration and/or selection process. I assure you I’ll do everything I can to make it a pleasant experience with no pressure at all. While I work primarily in Las Vegas, I have worked at all of the major event centers throughout the US and would be happy do work with you wherever your event is being held.

I look forward to adding you to my ever growing list of satisfied corporate clients!

MagicAL Jensen
Las Vegas Magical Entertainment