MagicAL Jensen is a trade show expert who can help you increase traffic, gain quality leads, and enhance your ROI at your next show...all with a little magic!

If you are in charge of trade shows and your company expects to see:

  • A higher ROI from your budget
  • An increased amount of quality leads
  • More attendees hearing your key sales message
  • Excitement, energy, and attention drawn to your exhibit

You need MagicAL Jensen!

"You did a great job weaving in our key messages and ensuring we captured info on everyone who stopped by."

His presentations are cleverly scripted so that each amazing effect illustrates and delivers key marketing and sales points that you want attendees to hear and remember.

MagicAL's friendly, yet informative style of delivery, combined with his unique qualifying process literally drives quality leads directly into your exhibit.

What MagicAL offers is a cost effective, results-oriented solution that works in any size exhibit.

You don’t need an unlimited budget or excessive floor space to utilize this service.

Here’s the secret...

MagicAL Jensen uses his skills as a magician and mind reader, along with clean humor and audience participation, to stop crowds of potential customers, grab their attention, and draw them into your exhibit.