Corporate Magician

MagicAL’s services as a corporate magician include strolling entertainment as well as a more formal stage show. Having MagicAL mingle among your guests creates a fun and inMagicALate atmosphere that works especially well for dinner parties, awards banquets, or holiday events. For executive functions, conventions, service award banquets and other similar events, MagicAL’s stage show features incredible mind reading feats and sophisticated magical acts with plenty of opportunities for audience participation. For even more fun, you may choose to include both strolling entertainment anda formal stage show in your event.

During his magical career, MagicAL has performed for thousands of individuals and companies across the nation.

Since the success of your event depends upon choosing a performer who is aware of the special concerns of the corporate environment, MagicAL is an excellent choice for your entertainment needs. As a former entrepreneur, sales executive, manager, author, speaker and trainer, MagicAL is uniquely sensitive to the needs of his corporate clients. Audience participation helps customize MagicAL's performances, but he'll never attempt to embarrass audience members. You can be confident that there will be no childish humor or foul language in your corporate entertainment when you work with Las Vegas Trade Show Magic.

At MagicAL’s performances, the audience never knows what's going to happen next! Here is just one example of the eye-popping feats you may witness at your corporate function. An audience volunteer will sign a $20 bill with a magic marker. The bill will "accidentally" be destroyed in a personal paper shredder. The signed bill will then magically reappear in the center of a fresh lemon or some other unique place!

Working with a professional entertainer to liven up your next corporate event is a wise decision. With the right entertainment, your event is guaranteed to be memorable. Corporate magician MagicAL provides one-of-a-kind performances that will captivate audiences with amazing feats of magic and mind reading.